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We are closing... but not right away...!

Tremendous BARGAINS

Everything on sale.

Tuesdays 10-7  Thursdays 10-5  Saturdays 9-3

Times have changed and the needs of our community are different today from when we began about 30 years ago. So our Board has reached a tough decision: we are closing and our building is now on the market.  While we wait for it to sell, all of our stock is marked down at big reductions from our already discounted and super bargain prices. 

La Boutique Resale Shop

La Boutique as a "resale" outlet offers fine quality donated clothing for men, women and children plus personal items, household  articles, furniture, collectibles and more.  La Boutique, Community Clothesline

All items have been donated by many generous people and organizations with the understanding that the proceeds from the sale of their items will generate supplemental funds needed to support the overhead for the mission of Community Clothesline which is to aid the less fortunate by supplying their family needs for good and serviceable items at great value in our General Store.

People who shop at  La Boutique Resale Shop know this is not an ordinary thrift store. It is a place for discerning shoppers who know quality when they see it and respect outstanding value.

People who donate to Community Clothesline or volunteer here, are the kind of people who have concern for others and do something about it. 

We refer to that as "Quality sharing for personal caring."

The General Store

The General Store offers a large and varied selection of good quality clothing for all ages, priced from 10 to $2.00. $2.00 buys a coat, and 50 cents a shirt or pair of pants. Actually most items are 50 cents. Many household items are also available at a similarly low cost. General Store, Community Clothesline

This service continues the original mission of Community Clothesline nearly 30years ago to help a new flood of immigrants get their lives started in our high-tech economy.  The Rochester area continues to have many people with limited incomes, especially with today's high unemployment.  Working people with low wages and unemployed or retirees can shop with dignity here and can outfit an entire family and supply many household needs, too.

A giant 'Thank You' to all of our generous supporters, donors, volunteers and loyal customers who have shared in this enterprise for these many years. 

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